Poster (P22): Emotion

Wednesday 28 August 2013, 11:00-12:30 & 16:00-17:30, Foyer & Salons

76 Emotional Factors in Time-to-Contact Estimation
E Brendel, H Hecht
77 A relationship between subjective and objective measures of empathy
N Vaughan, G Paramei
78 The effect of family environment in the recognition of brief displays of emotion
F Felisberti, L Cobley, E Hall, A Williams
79 The stability of emotional associations of basic image attributes
A Kuzinas
80 Development of method to structure image-quality evaluation model for digital camera based on human sensitivity using various words to describe feelings of being moved
E Aiba, K Numata, T X Fujisawa, N Nagata
81 How we evaluate what we see - the interplay between the perceptual and conceptual structure of facial expressions.
K Kaulard, J W Schultz, H Bülthoff, S de la Rosa
82 Effect of spatial frequency content of facial emotional expressions on visual search
A Lyczba, A Hunt, A Sahraie
83 The relationship between expression and colour on the face perception
K Nakajima, T Minami, S Nakauchi
84 Signs of disorder bias perceived facial valence in real and virtual environments
A Toet, S Tak
85 Decline in the fractal dimension of facial emotion perception due to repetitive exposure to stimuli
T Takehara, F Ochiai, H Watanabe, N Suzuki
86 Eye candy: Looking at attractive people of the opposite gender makes men happy but not woman
S de la Rosa, R Choudhery, H Bülthoff, C Curio
87 Does reproduction of more precise spatiotemporal dynamics for 3D avatar faces increase the recognition accuracy of facial expressions?
S Nagata, Y Arai, Y Inaba, S Akamatsu
88 Size-invariant facial expression categorization and associated gaze allocation within social interaction space
K Guo
89 Holistic processing is dominant for happy expression but supplementary for surprise one: Evidence from the composite face paradigm
T Kirita, K Matsuhashi
90 Facial distinctiveness is affected by facial expressions - Examination using an intensity rating of facial expressions
N Takahashi, H Yamada
91 Recognition of emotions for composite expression faces
K Masame
92 Noise masking analysis of facial expression perception
C-C Chen
93 Sequential effects in attractiveness judgment for upright and inverted faces
A Kondo, K Takahashi, K Watanabe
94 Cross-modal adaptation on facial expression perception
X Wang, W Lau, A Hayes, H Xu
95 Specific EEG/ERP responses to animated facial expressions in virtual reality environments
M Simões, C Amaral, P Carvalho, M Castelo-Branco

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