Talks (T10): Categorisation & Recognition

Wednesday 28 August 2013, 14:30-16:00, Kaisen (Chair: Simon Thorpe)

14:30 Human facial recognition in fish
C Newport, G M Wallis, U E Siebeck
14:45 Missing the Landscape for the Artefact: Higher Saliency of Built than Natural Scene Content
A van der Jagt, T Craig, J Anable, M Brewer, D Pearson
15:00 Rapid recognition of unseen objects in natural scenes: Does your brain know what you didn't see?
W Zhu, J Drewes, Y Li, F Yang, X Du, K R Gegenfurtner
15:15 Two stages in the time-course of natural scene gist perception
I Groen, S Ghebreab, V Lamme, H Scholte
15:30 Tracking temporal and spatial dynamics of visual object recognition with combined MEG and fMRI
R Cichy, D Pantazis, A Oliva
15:45 Ketamine changes the neural representation of object recognition
A M van Loon, H Scholte, J J Fahrenfort, B van der Velde, P B Lirk, N C Vulink, M W Hollmann, V Lamme

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