Poster (P7): Illusions

Tuesday 27 August 2013, 11:00-12:30 & 14:00-15:30, Foyer & Salons

1 Taking Aim in the Plane
A van Doorn, J Koenderink, J Wagemans
2 Testing visual illusions: Evidence from Perception and Mental Imagery
J Blanusa, S Markovic, S Zdravkovic
3 The effect of the stimulus shape on tilt judgment
T Ueda, T Yasuda, K Shiina
4 Outlined and filled distracters in the visual illusions of the Brentano type
A Gutauskas, A Bulatov, N Bulatova
5 Experiments and Computational Models for the Ames Window Illusion
T V Papathomas, M Karakatsani, S M Silverstein, N Baker, M de Heer
6 Annular Solar Eclipse illusion: Observing the Rosenbach phenomenon in the natural world?
K Suzuki, L Sugano, N Masuda
7 Center-of-mass alterations in the Oppel-Kundt illusion
A Bulatov, A Gutauskas, N Bulatova, L Mickiene
8 Drifting triangles illusion and its enhancement by shaking or blinking
K Yanaka, T Hilano, A Kitaoka
9 Helmholtz illusion on clothing revisited
H Ashida, K Kuraguchi, K Miyoshi
10 Reversal of the color-dependent Fraser-Wilcox illusion under a dark condition
A Kitaoka, K Yanaka
11 Neural correlates of local and global characteristics in the Fraser illusion
X Yun, S Hazenberg, R van Lier, J Qiu
12 Decoding sensation and perception over time with EEG pattern cross-classification
H Hogendoorn, F A Verstraten
13 Turn yourself around as the spinning dancer: Sound modulates the spinning direction of the silhouette illusion
A-Y Chang, S-L Yeh
14 The Dancing Diamonds Illusion
A Soranzo, M Pickard
15 Pseudo-random pattern image with an embedded hidden message perceived when vibrated
T Hilano, T Kageyama, K Yanaka
16 The Mosaic Illusion on the floor of the Siena Doumo
L Sugano
17 The T-illusion in Variable Contexts
K Landwehr
18 Pinhole viewing strengthens the Hollow-Face Illusion
H Hill, T Koessler
19 Intermediate-Level Motion Representations Account for the Hollow Face Illusion
S Tschechne, H Neumann
20 Phantom pencil illusion
Y Sugano
21 The Effects Of Stress on Body Ownership and The Rubber Hand Illusion
N Cooper, J M Furlong-Silva, N O'Sullivan, M Bertamini
22 The differences of perception of Muller-Lyer and Ponzo illusions at sensorimotor measurements
V Karpinskaia, V Lyakhovetskii
23 Spatial updating of the Müller-Lyer illusion
A de Brouwer, P Medendorp, E Brenner, J B Smeets
24 Bayesian Inference Underpins Perception of Length
A Binch
25 Traffic jam: a new method to reduce drivers’ illusion of the road slope by drawing stripe patterns on the side walls
A Tomoeda, S Tsuinashi, A Kitaoka, K Sugihara
26 Footstep Illusion Art: Apparent Rotation Generated by Pure Translation
J Ono, A Tomoeda, K Sugihara
27 Rating Riloids: the effect of curvature and luminance frequency on visual discomfort
A Clarke, L O'Hare, P B Hibbard

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