Poster (P5): Brightness, Lightness & Contrast

Monday 26 August 2013, 11:00-12:30 & 15:30-17:00, Foyer & Salons

124 The motion of the occluding surface enhances perceptual transparency
R Actis-Grosso
125 Randomized checkerboard contrast illusion: theoretical implications on Gestalt principles in brightness perception
M Hudak, J Geier
126 Varying luminance of distracters in alignment task
A Bielevicius, A Bertulis, A Bulatov
127 Highlight shape influences gloss perception
J J Assen, S C Pont, M W Wijntjes
128 Effects of Background Reflectance and Illumination Level on the Estimated Freshness of Vegetables
K Okajima, Y Sakurai, C Arce-Lopera
129 Relation between lightness perception and luminance statistics of natural scenes
K Kanari, H Kaneko
130 The psychophysical contrast response of the human visual system to freely-viewed naturalistic movies
T Wallis, M Dorr, P Bex
131 Subjective image quality evaluation method for digital images that reflects users’ characteristics
N Takamatsu, E Aiba, Y Takahira, K Okada, J Kida, A Shiraiwa, N Nagata
132 Visual performance in the mesopic range of outdoor lighting
V Kulbokaite, R Stanikunas, A Svegzda, A Zukauskas, A Tuzikas, R Vaicekauskas, P Vitta, A Petrulis, P Eidikas, A Zabiliute
133 Observers rely more on shadows than on shading and highlights when comparing illumination conditions
S te Pas, S C Pont, E S Dalmaijer, I T Hooge
134 Interpolation of illuminant cues across scenes with light fields induced by a mixture of a proximal and a collimated light source
M Kim, L Maloney
135 Brightness filling-in incorporates information about 3-D structure
V Pelekanos, H Ban, A Welchman
136 Lighting direction and visual field modulate the brightness of 3D objects
M McCourt, B Blakeslee, G Padmanabhan
137 The Effect of Gloss on Perceived Roughness
L Qi, C Yang, J Wu, J Dong, M Chantler, S Padilla, Z Liang
138 Dimensionality of the Perceptual Space of Achromatic Surface Colors
N Umbach, J Heller
139 What happens to the Staircase Gelb effect when the highest luminance is not white?
O Daneyko, D Zavagno
140 Effect of stimulus intensity on LRP latency, RT in simple and choice tasks
A Nowik, J Moczko, E Marzec
141 Dark vs light stimuli in psychophysical tasks: a search for possible moderators of the contrast polarity effect
M Gerdes, C Meinecke
142 Spatial filtering vs edge integration: comparing two computational models of lightness perception
T Betz, M Maertens, F A Wichmann

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